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Plastic Shade Netting

Plastic Shade Netting

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-12m
Colour : green,black, white,blue, etc
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Plastic Shade Netting


    Material : PE,UV treated

    Width : 1m-12m

    Colour : green,black, white,blue, etc

Delivery:30 days after confirmed


    1.The sunshade net is a new type of agricultural covering material that is light, high-strength and aging-resistant and easy to be widely promoted. It is an agricultural cultivation product that realizes high-yield, high-yield and high-quality.

    2. It has various functions such as cooling, moisturizing, anti-frost, warmth, windproof, insect proof, and bird prevention. It can optimize the microclimate and improve the growth environment of animals, plants and fungi under adverse climate. Compared with the original shade curtain and straw curtain, it has the advantages of long life, convenient operation, labor saving and labor saving.


    1.There are many colors black, gray, green gray, white, black and white, black and grey, a variety of colors.

    2.Different colors shading rate is 30% ~ 70%.

    3.Shading light transmittance for white is the highest in 70%.

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