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Mesh Plant Cover

Mesh Plant Cover

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-12m
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Mesh Plant Cover


Material : PE,UV treated

Width : 1m-12m


Delivery:30 days after confirmed



1.It has good ageing resistance.

2.It is very convenient,wherever you go,you can take.

3.It is for continuous use with at least 3 years.



1. Summer and autumn cool down. Cultivation of vegetables in summer and autumn, using shade nets, can avoid high temperature and high temperature hazards, and is conducive to the normal growth of crops.

2. Moisturizing and drought resistance. After covering the shade net in the dry season, the solar radiant heat can be reduced, the shed temperature can be lowered, and the communication speed between the air in the coverage area and the outside world can be reduced, thereby significantly increasing the relative humidity of the air.

3. Lightning protection and hail. After covering the sunshade net, the direct impact of heavy rain can be reduced by more than 90%. About 13% to 23% of the rainwater flows into the ditch from both sides of the sunshade net, especially to reduce the mechanical damage of the rainstorm and hail to vegetables and reduce the loss of soil and fertilizer. Reduce root exposure, reduce seedlings and dead seedlings.

4. Insulation and antifreeze. It is used for seedling cultivation in late autumn, winter and early spring. After covering the shade net, it can raise the ground temperature by about 2 °C than the open field cultivation, and it can also prevent frost from freezing in the cold season.

5. Disease prevention and pest control. After being covered with black and silver gray mesh, the aphids were significantly reduced, the viral disease was significantly reduced, and the disease prevention rate was about 90%.

6. Increase production and increase income.

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