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Garden-Fence Net

Garden-Fence Net

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-12m
Supply capacity:50 tons per month
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Garden Fence Net


Material : PE,UV treated

Width : 1m-12m

Supply capacity:50 tons per month



1. With shade net wet soil can be easily seen, whereas in the case of no use of shading, the depth of wet soil is invisible.  

2. Shade net not only can proof sun and make temperature decreasing but also have a positive function in environmental humidity  and soil moisture.

3. The humidity generally rises 5-10% by shade net.

The functions of the shading net:

1. It can prevent direct rain from rushing. Covering the sunshade net can turn the raindrops into foggy rain, preventing the direct erosion of raindrops on seeds, seedlings and soil, and weakening the impact of heavy rain.

2. It can reduce the temperature of the kneading surface. According to the measurement, the temperature of the kneading surface can be lowered by 5-10 degrees at high temperature, which is beneficial to the growth of vegetables.

3. Can prevent strong light radiation. Covering the black shading net can reduce the light intensity in the shed by 50-90%, and reduce the evaporation of water by more than 50% compared with the open field, thus forming a cool micro-climate environment, keeping the soil moist and beneficial to the growth of vegetables.

4. Avoid pests and disease prevention. According to the experimental investigation, the use of shading nets to cover the effect of escaping is 95%, and the control effect on the cabbage virus is 95%. And can inhibit the occurrence and spread of a variety of vegetable diseases.

5. Keep warm, resist cold, frost, wind and dust. Covering the shade net in late autumn and winter and early spring, the temperature can be increased by 2-5 °C than the open field.

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