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Black Agriculture Shade Net

Black Agriculture Shade Net

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-12m
Supply capacity:50 tons per month
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Black Agriculture Shade Net


Material : PE,UV treated

Width : 1m-12m

Supply capacity:50 tons per month




1. Significantly reduce temperature, ground temperature and light intensity. The use of shade nets can significantly reduce the light intensity entering the facility, effectively reduce heat radiation, thereby reducing the temperature and ground temperature, improving the microclimate environment for the growth of flowers and trees, effectively avoiding the damage of glare to flowers and trees.

2. Due to the high mechanical strength of the sunshade net, it can effectively alleviate the damage caused by the rainstorm on the flowers and trees.              

3. Covering with sunshade net can effectively reduce the transpiration of plants, and help to maintain the humidity in the room, thus reducing the number of irrigation.         

4. The material is light in weight and low in cost. The sunshade net is made of lightweight material, which has good anti-aging and convenient folding, and can be used continuously for 3-5 years.


1. With shade net wet soil can be easily seen, whereas in the case of no use of shading, the depth of wet soil is invisible.  

2. Shade net not only can proof sun and make temperature decreasing but also have a positive function in environmental humidity  and soil moisture.

3. The humidity generally rises 5-10% by shade net.

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