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Safety Net Usage Requirements
Sep 26, 2017

(1) The network's inspection content includes: The net must not have the construction rubbish, the net cannot accumulate the item, the net body cannot appear the serious distortion and the abrasion, as well as will be affected by the chemical and the acid, the alkali smog pollution and the electric welding spark burning and so on.

(2) The support frame shall not appear serious deformation and wear, and the joint part shall not be loosened phenomenon. The connection point between the net and the net and the support frame is also not allowed to appear loose. All tied cords cannot be severely worn or deformed.

(3) The falling objects in the net should be cleaned regularly. Keep the net body clean. Also avoid large quantities of welding or other Mars falling into the net, and avoid high-temperature or steam environments. When the net body is contaminated by chemicals or the nets are embedded in coarse sand grains or other foreign bodies that may cause abrasion, they shall be cleaned and dried naturally after washing.

(4) Safety nets can not be used in the handling of iron fishing or barbed wire tools to prevent damage to the nets. The net body should be stored in a warehouse or special place, and the classification, in batches stored on the shelves, do not allow random heap. The warehouse requirements for ventilation, shading, heat insulation, moisture, to avoid the erosion of chemical products and other conditions. During the storage process, the network body is also required to be regularly inspected, problems identified and treated immediately to ensure safety.

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