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Safety Net Production Process
Sep 26, 2017

The construction safety net is the labor-intensive industrial product, the production process needs several processes to complete.

1. The first is the purchase of raw materials, the choice of the original plastic particle high-density polyethylene (HDPE), manufactured products mainly for the detection of special-purpose mesh, as well as recycled raw materials are generally best bottle cap material, and then crushed by the machine, granulation.

2. followed by wire drawing or wire weaving, this process is very important, the production process needs to control the cooling water temperature, the output of plastic yarn thickness, color, flexibility determines the quality of finished products. Next is the weaving network, usually uses the mesh loom has 2 meters and 4 meters wide two kinds, in this production process, the weaving process also determines the quality of finished products. Mainly to control the weaving structure and density of the mesh, usually mesh density: ≥800 mesh/100cm²

3. The next step is sewing the needle car, first the woven tube mesh cloth, usually the amount of 6.2m to 6.5m, so after sewing can be guaranteed length 6m around. Sew the rope near the edge of the mesh and then the car together, the weight of the rope and mesh to adapt, not light or too heavy. Sew around the edge of the mesh 2 times to ensure that the product certification vehicle is secure.

4. After sewing is a nail, a metal-like ring, used to hang the mesh to facilitate the rope through the line, usually playing more than 20 to more than 30 holes. Machine is widely used to play. Finally, to do a good job of mesh folding, packaging, can be manufactured, to sell.

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