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Safety Net Construction Material
Sep 26, 2017

The safety net is composed of the net body, the Bing, the tether and the rib rope. The mesh is made of wire rope and has a rhombic or square mesh. The distance between the two knots of the braid is called the mesh size, and the mesh line around the edge of the net body is called a side rope. The size of the safety net (nominal size) is determined by the size of the Bing, and the rope fastened to the support is called the tether. In addition, any rope used to increase the strength of the safety net is collectively called a rib rope. Safety net of the material, requirements of its small proportion, high strength, good wear resistance, elongation and strong durability. In addition, there should be a certain degree of weather resistance, damp after wet the strength of the decline is not too great. The safety net takes the chemical fiber as the main material. The same material is used for all nets on the same safety net, and the wet-dry strength ratio of all materials shall not be less than 75%. Generally, the use of synthetic chemical fiber such as vinylon and nylon as wire rope. Polypropylene fiber for unstable performance, prohibit use. In addition, as long as the requirements of the relevant international requirements, can also use cotton, hemp, brown and other plant materials as raw materials. No matter what kind of material, each safety net's weight generally should not exceed 15kg, and must be able to withstand the impact of 800N.

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