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Quality Inspection Of Safety Nets
Sep 26, 2017

(1) Safety net is a special kind of labor protection articles involving state property and personal safety, whose product quality must be inspected by the state-designated Supervision and Inspection Department and obtained production license before it can be produced. Each batch of safety net factory, must have the supervision Inspection Department inspection report. Each safety net should be located in different locations, with the inspection certificate of National Supervision Department and Enterprise Self-inspection certificate. At the same time should be signs, signs should be permanent signs, the logo should include: The name of the manufacturer, manufacturing date, lot, material, specifications, weight and production license number.

(2) Safety net is divided into flat net (P), vertical net (L), Dense mesh safety net (ML). The safety net mainly consists of Bing, tether, rope and net rope. The dense mesh safety net is composed of a net body, a ring buckle, a Bing and an additional tether. The physical and mechanical property of safety net is the main index to judge the quality of safety net. Its contents include: Bing, tether, wire rope, tendon breaking strength. The dense mesh safety net mainly includes: breaking strength, breaking elongation, tensile strength, tearing strength, penetration resistance, breaking strength retention rate after aging, and flame retardant performance of eye ring buckle strong tail. Both flat and vertical nets should have impact resistance. The vertical net cannot replace the flat net, should according to the construction need and the load height distinguish uses the flat net or the vertical net. Flat Network load strength requirements greater than the vertical network, more materials used, the weight is greater than the vertical net. Generally, the flat net is greater than 5.5kg, the vertical net is larger than 2.5kg.

(3) The safety net mainly uses the open-air work place. Therefore, must have weather resistance. Weather-resistant materials are mainly nylon, vinylon and polyester. The same net used materials should be the same, its wet-dry strength ratio should be greater than 75%, each net weight of not more than 15kg. Flame Retardant safety net of the renewal, smoldering time must not exceed 4s.

(4) The flat screen width is not less than 3m, the vertical net and the dense mesh safety net width is not less than 1.2m. Tether length is not less than 0.8m. Safety net tether and tether should not be greater than 0.75m. The spacing between the safety net and the tether should not be greater than 0.45m, the safety net is not too small distance between the rope, general provisions in 0.3m above. Safety nets can be divided into manual knitting and mechanical knitting. The mechanical knitting can be divided into knot knitting and no knot knitting. In general, the strength of the node without netting is higher than that of the knot knots. The mesh knot and the joint head must be fixed firmly, cannot move, avoids the mesh enlargement and the edge length is uneven. The above situation will cause the stress to be not concentrated until the wire rope breaks.

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