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Net Use Method In Different Seasons
Nov 25, 2017

With the development of science and technology, new technologies, new products and new materials are emerging. This is the net, continuously improve the quality, more and more intelligent, convenient, accurate direction.

Net has the advantages of not overwhelming, bending, reduce commodity, and certain air permeability, light transmission, can be used in winter and summer, can improve the temperature in winter, summer can reduce the temperature and increase the growth of crops.

Early spring climate variability, the low temperature at night, when the late spring coldness invasion, with sun shading net insulation cover, can effectively reduce the occurrence of chilling injury in early spring. 3 months late planting of tomato and pepper and other plastic film small arch shed. The night with the shade, can improve the temperature inside the shed. To promote the growth of seedlings.

At the end of March to early April can also be used with plastic film covering on the surface of the shade, night or early sowing and seedling early colonization of potato, beans, etc. Sauteed Green Beans (surface coverage is a horizontal frame with sunshade net is directly covered with crops above, can also be a simple bamboo rope, about 50 cm high, can be covered with shade net) to promote growth, reduce frost. The summer temperature is high, and the wind and rain are frequent, which is very unfavorable to the cultivation of vegetable seedlings.

The commonly used straw mulching, straw mats and other shade cloths instead, convenient management and ideal effect, can significantly improve the survival rate and quality of seedling. The specific approach is: before sowing and seedling shading will directly covered on the bed after the emergence of a timely start covering, shed height more than l meters, sunny day, rainy days off cover: the temperature is higher than 30 degrees at 10 in the morning cover, 4 pm when the temperature is higher than 35%. The whole canopy.

Hot summer with cool shading cultivation of fast-growing leafy vegetables, shading in the original greenhouse, small shed protection facilities or build simple trellis covered shade net, can grow normally in the summer to the growth of radish, parsley, celery, spinach, lettuce, chrysanthemum etc.. Only according to the season on the net, can play the function of shading. You can get better shade effect.

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