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How To Solve The Problem Of Outdoor Shade
Dec 06, 2017

The 20th century, the use of awnings and umbrellas for people to solve the problem of outdoor sunshade, so that people can easily enjoy the open-air cafes in pharyngeal summer leisure. As the basic human needs continue to be met, people's aesthetic needs increase. The emergence of shade sails, just in time to solve the outdoor shade and aesthetic needs of both. Different from umbrellas, awning traditional and bulky, shade sails show the modern and simple temperament, is well-known futuristic and architectural forms.

Shade sails are usually made of breathable knit fabric that is not torn or worn and recyclable, effectively blocking 90% -95% of UV light. Taking into account personal preferences and different styles of decoration, shade sails have a variety of colors to choose from. Bright red, bright yellow, deep blue, tender purple, or if you do not like such a single color, you can also use some mixed colors, or with different colors of shade sail to use.

Of course, the family or the sun shade with the scenic area, need to take into account the shady area. According to the required shade area of different sizes, you can choose different models and different sizes of shade sails. In general, the common models are mainly triangular shading sails, four-shading shade sails, rectangular shade sails. The specific size, mainly depends on the size of the overall space. The small space does not match with the sun visor of the large size, and the large space and the small size of the sun visor may not match. Triangular shade sail as an example, the planting of trees and vegetation in the backyard, with a triangular shading sail to open a shade, in the hot summer day for themselves and do not like to expose the plants a cool, small triangular shade sails can and housing construction and green Vegetation integration, both close to nature, without having to endure the sun exposure. Free time, in this little courtyard lot of books or about two or three friends get together, talkative drinking, physical and mental pleasure. Small triangular shade sails are also excellent at the edge of the pool. Enjoy the cool pool at the same time, but also do not need to worry about UV damage, let alone how cozy it!

Wind and sun, rain and snow accumulation are great test shade sails, good shade sails do not have to worry about the quality of natural problems, will provide long enough warranty.

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