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Greenhouse Cooling Agent
Nov 30, 2017

The cooling agent in the greenhouse is not mature enough to be selected carefully

Compared with the coverage of shading and poured mud, ink, plastic cooling agent is not through the light shielding part of cooling, but through the light shielding parts such as infrared (infrared light had no effect on plant photosynthesis can obviously improve the temperature) to achieve cooling, not only has obvious cooling effect, and plants can ensure there is plenty of light for photosynthesis. When we use the greenhouse cooling agent, we can accurately calculate and determine the shading rate according to the light requirement of the vegetables, and create a lighting environment conducive to the growth of vegetables.

In foreign countries, the greenhouse cooling agent has been widely used in the agricultural production of facilities because of its advantages of high efficiency, simple use and good effect. In recent years, some foreign companies and the introduction of foreign technology to domestic companies has also started in the promotion test in China greenhouse cooling agent, but according to a lot of used greenhouse cooling agent, cooling agent of greenhouse vegetable said, the use effect of no imagination so good. This is because the foreign greenhouse heat preservation photic material is mainly used for a long time and fixed shape transparent materials such as glass, while the domestic use of plastic film used for a short period of time and a soft material, there are obvious differences between the two types of materials, the adhesion, shading and cooling is not the same. So remind farmers friends, be careful when choosing greenhouse cooling agent and other new products, the best first year in the trial of the dealer or manufacturer's help, to fully understand the characteristics of greenhouse cooling agent and use technology after use.


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