Wind Network Product Features:
Sep 26, 2017

1, Anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) products surface through the spray-plastic treatment, can absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun, reducing the material itself oxidation speed, so that products have a better anti-aging performance, the service life is improved. At the same time, ultraviolet transmittance is low, which avoids the damage of the sunlight material.

2, flame-retardant because it is a metal plate so has a good flame retardancy, can meet the requirements of fire and safety production.

3, the impact of high strength products, can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind). Impact strength test, in the top of the sample, with a quality of 1kg steel ball, 1.5 meters from the crest peak of the height of free fall, the product does not break and penetrate the cavities.

4, anti-static products surface through electrostatic spray treatment, in the sun after exposure, can attach to the surface of the product of organic pollutants oxidation decomposition, in addition, its super hydrophilic make dust easy to be washed by rain, from the clean effect, no maintenance costs.

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