Why use Anti-Insect Net?
Jul 26, 2018

Every year in May and June, it is the peak period of pest transmission and looseness. For example, the locust attack in the wheat field is severe. If there is no insect net in the shed, many locusts fly into the shed from the wheat field, and the speed of reproduction is amazing. In addition to directly damaging the vegetables, the mites are still transmitting the virus and can convey a variety of virus. For example, a vegetable farmer in Qingzhou recently reported that several virus-borne plants were found half a month before the shed. There were no aphids in the shed. There was almost no virus disease in the whole shed, and only the garden was removed. After the summer, the outside temperature is added. In order to ensure the temperature inside the shed, the greenhouse is often opened at night and night. This year's climate is relatively dry, with more pests, followed by summer, and also reached the peak of pest growth and reproduction. In order to prevent pests from entering the greenhouse to damage crops, it is recommended that vegetable farmers set up insect nets in time to prevent pests from entering the shed. Therefore, it is recommended that vegetable farmers should set up insect nets as soon as possible before the outbreak of pests. The mesh size of the mesh should be determined according to the specific situation. The air is cooled too tightly, and the insects are too small to enter the insects. Usually, a 40-60 mesh white insect net is preferred. Others, we must do a good job of weeding around the shed, and the dead leaves and rotten leaves should also be removed from the shed to reduce the host of mites, white mites, etc., to prevent pests from stopping around the shed.


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