Why are there so few bugs on European crops or trees?
Sep 06, 2018

I don't know much about other places in Europe, mainly the agricultural power: the Netherlands. The situation that the subject said is summed up in one sentence: the control of the omnipotent!

 1 There is a saying in climate agriculture, dry worm disease. 

What does that mean? In layman's terms, the locusts raised by the Lord, the American white moths and other insects will only be more when there is less rain, because the "blood" of the rain less trees is thicker, the nutrients are thicker, the insects are easier to grow, and the rain is less. The pests on the plants are not washed away by the rain, and the sap is sparsely nutritious. There is a lot of rain and it is easy to get black mold and other diseases when the climate is humid. This is not explained much. 

2 use of greenhouse

Before entering the greenhouse, you need a full body shower, shoelace shoe covers or shoes.

The main role is to isolate the bacteria caused by the clothes, the eggs that the soles of the soil may bring.

3 planting techniques

It can be seen that their greenhouse has been fully cultivated using soilless culture (rock wool, coco peat). This has the advantage of being able to isolate soil pests such as cockroaches, as well as pests that lay eggs in the soil. The mulch on the ground is used to isolate the soil. Soilless cultivation can precisely control the nutrient water needed by plants, and the greenhouse can control the illumination time, light intensity, and inhibit pests and diseases. The trimmed branches are stuffed under the mulch every year (mainly to save money, and money is shipped out), and the eggs on the plants are isolated from the internal space.

4 prevention and treatment technology

Biological control!

5 Social law affects pests and diseases on the farm next door.

 If it affects other people's crops, that person can claim compensation. The peasant gates of a region will discuss what each species grows each year. The main role is to rotate the land for the rest of the time in order to open the crops in the adjacent land, if a crop has pests and diseases, but because the pest does not like to eat another crop, so as to control pests and diseases. Of course, if there is a disease in the next door, as a neighbor, I will help! Friendly neighborhood relationship. China is a big agricultural country rather than an agricultural power. The yield of tomato in the Netherlands is twice that of China. . . The growth period is nearly one year. . The gap is huge, and China will continue to work hard. . .

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