We use the shade net?
Feb 12, 2018

Net is a good stuff, sunshade and rain today, so much rain, the net meat only a few scattered little rain, or have beaten all a hideous mess.

I want to pull from the balcony to the courtyard wall.

I'll be here again today. The sun is blocking the rain, and it's on it in the summer.

After a summer cover light rain, moisture, cooling effect. In winter and spring, there is a certain heat preservation and humidifying effect after the cover of winter and spring.

Principle: cover shade net, moisturizing effect because of cooling wind, down coverage area of communication with the outside air speed was further increased, the air relative humidity, humidity at noon, the maximum increment, generally reach 13-17%, high humidity, soil evaporation decreased, increased soil moisture.

屏幕快照 2018-02-12 下午9.27.01.png

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