The best way up shade net
Oct 21, 2017

Most people in the life to use the net probability is not very high, even the use of words is the kind of small, so most people there is no folding trouble, but in the breeding and when crops use is relatively large because of relatively large shade net, so when compared to fold but, don't worry, teach you how to fold the net today.


1, continue to fold: This is the most common method of folding, like that of the folded origami, processing continuously, but the limitation is relatively obvious, when in use is small can be folded, but if the fold is big if it needs several people together to complete the folding.


2, the folding way: This is a kind of method for folding large net is relatively good, they will be rolled up, because we can use, are generally rectangular, so in the folding when used a questionnaire approach is more appropriate, this way no matter how long shade net, generally two people can very good finish up.


For the net, folding way, will be directly related to the use of shade net durability, will also affect the convenience of use next time.

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