Shading net identification and practicality
Aug 15, 2018

Several ways to identify the quality of shade nets

1, look. The sunshade net of good quality looks smooth and smooth. The flat wire and the gap are parallel, neat and even. The warp and weft are clear and bright, the finish is good, the texture is deep, and the black is bright.

2, smell. The good quality sunshade net has no peculiar smell and odor, only the plastic has a faint smell of burntness. And those low-quality shade nets have a pungent smell of chemical material.

3, touch. The hand is soft and moderate, elastic, no hard feeling, not rough, and has a flat and thick texture. The low-quality sunshade has a rough surface and no feel at all.

Inferior products, basically add waste and recycled materials for the pursuit of benefits. The products tend to resist aging for a short period of time, the density is uneven, the shading rate is not good, the roughness is not felt, and the smell will have a slight odor. For ginseng planting, the quality of the shade net directly affects the income of the households. Perhaps it is because you use a poor quality shade net, which has caused you a certain economic loss.

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