Shading net effect
Aug 25, 2018

(1) The sunshade net has the effect of weakening the glare and reducing the temperature of the soil. After the sunshade net is covered, the light radiation absorbed by the ground and the plants under the net is reduced because the light intensity is reduced, and the temperature can be lowered from the surface. The summer light intensity is often 80,000-120,000 lux (depending on the north-south temperature difference), while the summer crops have more than 30,000-50,000 lux. The shade net can effectively avoid strong light before and after noon. The burn of tender tissue relieves the glare of crops and creates a suitable photosynthesis environment. According to the relevant test, the ambient temperature of black and silver ash and blue shade net cage is measured. The daily temperature drop (0.5 from the ground) is the highest drop of black color 5.3 ° C, silver gray 3.3 ° C, the lowest blue drop 0.3 ° C, at 5 cm depth. The drop in soil temperature is much lower than that in the air, reaching 1.7--7 °C. The cooling effect during the high temperature of noon is more significant, so that the crops get the light intensity required for normal photosynthesis. Www.jmxincheng

(2), moisturizing, and improving humidity by 35%. When using the sunshade net, you can see the wet soil at a flat finger depth. Otherwise, if the sunshade net is not used, the wet soil can be seen at the depth of the four flat fingers. The sunshade net has the effect of improving the air humidity and the moisture content of the soil in the shaded environment while the sunshade cools down, generally increasing the humidity by 5-10%. At the same time, the wind weakens, which reduces the evaporation of soil moisture and the transpiration of ginseng's internal water, which is beneficial to maintain the moisture of the soil and the water balance of ginseng.

(3), anti-storm, hail. Because the sunshade net has a certain mechanical strength and is dense, it can decompose the rainstorm into fine rain, avoid being damaged by heavy rain, and the soil is not easy to be knotted, and the ground is idle and the air permeability is good. Therefore, it is beneficial to improve the yield of ginseng and prevent the death of crop seedlings, so that the plants grow well. For example, if a plastic film is first laid on the scaffolding and a layer of sunshade net is placed on the film, the effect of shading, cooling, and rain prevention will be more obvious.

(4), heat preservation. After the sunshade net is covered, it can prevent the heat radiation (infrared radiation) on the ground at night, thus slowing down the heat dissipation process and generating a certain heat preservation effect. Therefore, in winter, the unused sunshade net is used to replace the traditional straw and other anti-freezing materials, and the effect is good.

(5), the sunshade net can reduce the transportation cost and save labor cost by 50% to 70%.

(6) In the long-term growth period, the crops do not grow above 25 °C, and the shade net has the effect of reducing the temperature and improving the air humidity and soil moisture content of the environment. More than one month of growth in a year, four years is five years of production, to achieve the effect of increasing production

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