Several ways to identify the shade net quality
Dec 18, 2017

1, look. Good quality shading net, the net looks smooth, smooth, flat and slit parallel, neat, average, latitude and longitude clear and bright, good finish, texture, deep black and bright.

2, smell. Good quality shading net no smell, smell, only the light touch of plastic taste. And those low-quality shades have a pungent smell of chemical materials.

3, touch. Good quality hand touch soft moderate, flexible, non-stiff sense, not crude, there is a flat and thick texture. Low-quality shades of rough surface, no feel at all.

Poor products, in pursuit of the interests of basically add waste, recycling of materials, products are often short-lived anti-aging short-term, uneven density caused by shading rate is not good, rough no touch, smell will smell with a touch of smell. For ginseng planting, shade net directly affects the benefits of participation of participants, perhaps because you use a poor shade net, to you caused some economic losses.


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