Producers teach you how to identify the quality of net
Feb 23, 2018

Current market sales net is really a lot of varieties, all kinds of specifications, the quality of different sales in different ways, are sold by weight, according to the area of sales. I believe everyone has met. In: dealers sold by weight is generally low quality of recycled materials shade net, net, the obvious characteristic is the coarse wire network, hard, rough surface, heavy weight, no clear packaging, service life of 1 years; according to the area to sell general new material shade net, ultraviolet absorbent and antioxidant is added to imports its characteristic is, smooth surface, roughness, flexibility, gloss, Jingwei clear and uniform, elastic, strong tensile resistance, standard packing, specifications, size, shading rate clearly marked, more than 3 years of life.

Need to remind users of the net is: not as close as possible, the more the better, for you planting or breeding and other projects is the best, one of the important parameters for life, shading rate and actual volume per area. Serious differences between network and poor network quality, very helpful to choose to buy what kind of net.

Net is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials, adding a certain proportion of color masterbatch and anti aging agent drawing fine woven into, shading, cooling, moisture, rain, wind and anti function reduce pests and other spread. It is widely used in the cultivation of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, edible fungi and the cooling and moisturizing of various farms. At the same time, the product has the characteristics of heat-resistant, cold resistant, easy to use, long life (three to five years), cheap price and so on. It is well received by the vast number of users.

Advantages and disadvantages of shading control table


High quality shading

Inferior net

Material Science

With a new polyethylene as raw material, add imported UV absorbers, antioxidants and masterbatch production quality.

Using recycled materials (old material, flower material) and inferior masterbatch production, without adding UV absorbers and antioxidants.


The net surface is smooth, smooth, lustrous, the warp and the weft is uniform and clear, the color black and black in the sun, the color difference, the silk no overlap.

Net surface is uneven, luster, no light, uneven latitude and weft, in the sun is gray and black color, color difference, silk mesh containing impurities, silk overlaps.


Soft hand, no rough, no stiffness, elastic.

Rough hand, with a pricking hand, feeling thick and inelastic.


No smell, some only light plastic paste taste

It has a very unpleasant smell, a sharp nose, and a lot of plastic paste.


The square gram weight standard, the width length is accurate, the net surface does not break the hole, has no broken wire, the monofilament has the elasticity, the resistance to the force is strong.

The square gram weight is not standard, the width length is inaccurate, the net surface has broken hole, the wire breaking phenomenon is serious, the monofilament has no elastic and non tensile force.

Service life

It is used in natural climate for more than 3 years (excluding membrane use, sulphur corrosion and multi acid rain).

Under 1 years of natural climate.


The packaging is printed with enterprise brand, manufacturer, executive standard, production date, specification size, sun shading rate, and product qualification certificate.

There is no brand of enterprise on the package, the manufacturer is unknown, no standard of execution, no production date, specification size, sun shading rate, no production certificate.


According to the general square count on the surface of the high price, but because the cloth light weight, the actual length is accurate, the use of large area and long service life, so by age and square area calculation to benefit a lot.

According to the general weight, on the surface of the low price, but because of fabric weight, the actual length is insufficient, use small area and short service life, labor costs, scaffolding fees are very high, so it is not affordable.

Agriculture Shade Net


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