Is an important part of the shade net cooling technology
Dec 04, 2017

At present, many farmers using only a single shade cooling method, but not in the technical aspects of the corresponding demand, the actual cooling effect is not good. In this regard, the author suggests: at the same time, with the method of sun shading and cooling, we should cooperate with the correct ventilation, accurate moisture retention and other scientific management methods.

Increasing ventilation: increasing ventilation is a key measure to cool down. When ventilation, we should not only open the top of the canopy, but also the film at the front of the shed. So the ventilation is better and the cooling effect is better. But at the same time the ventilation cover insect nets, prevent insect migration into the shed. The management of the arch shed is the same as the big shed.

The leaves of plants are not removed. When vegetables are overwintering, the purpose of removing the old leaves of plants is to enhance field permeability, improve soil temperature and control diseases. However, when the vegetables grow in summer, because of the high temperature and long illumination time, taking the leaf removal measures is easy to cause too much ground temperature, while the high ground temperature affects not only the normal growth and development of the root system, but also the gas damage caused by the intense activity of microorganisms in the soil. The lower leaves of the plant are not removed, which can play a role in shading and cooling, so that the ground temperature is relatively stable and not too high.

Keep wet in the field: some vegetables are wet and dry, so the high wet environment is more favorable for its growth. The prickless cucumber requires higher soil moisture and air humidity, the appropriate air humidity is in 70%~90%, and the soil moisture is required to be in 85%~95%. At the same time, in the case of high humidity, the temperature increase is small, and it can play the role of reducing the temperature. The measures to keep the field moist are to water in time and to irrigate the field diligently, but not to keep the water in the field. Of course, the field irrigation should be built on the basis of the strong permeability of the soil, if the soil is tied, it is necessary to use a small water pouring method to damp the temperature.


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