How to choose the shade net ?
Dec 26, 2017

Shading net is a lightweight, high strength and aging resistant netting new type of agricultural plastic covering material, which is made of polyolefin resin and added anti-aging agents and various pigments. Shading net covering with shading, humidity, soil moisture, anti rain, anti wind, anti freezing and anti pest in birds and other effects. The average mu yield, Mu output value and Mu net income increased by 26%, 34% and 38%, respectively, compared with the field cultivation. The shading net has 75% and 45% two shading rates. The high shading rate is only suitable for flowers and shade tolerant vegetables. We usually use 45% shading nets to produce vegetables. Celery, parsley and garlic, likes the cold, weak light of vegetable production in summer and autumn, should choose a higher rate of shading of black shading net covering. Tomato, cucumber, eggplant, peppers and other thermophilic, strong light in summer and autumn vegetable production, according to the light intensity with silver network or choose black shading rate low black shading net; avoid aphid, anti virus disease, the best selection of grey or dark gray color shading net covering. Spinach, lettuce, such as cold, cold vegetables Wuta Tsai winter cover, the gray shading net for moisturizing frost. In summer and autumn, the seedlings or slow seedlings are covered in the short term, and the black shade net is mostly used. In order to prevent the virus disease, also can choose silver or dark gray color shading net covering. For all weather coverage, we should choose a net or dark grey color matching screen with a shade rate of less than 40%. We can also choose shading nets with high szw shading rate, covering a single spacing of 30-50 centimeters, or erect a narrow Xiaoping shed.


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