How to best cover shade net ?
Oct 24, 2017

A cover package, should according to the weather changes in different periods, the growth of celery, strengthen the management of net. The whole canopy net of celery pre emergence after emergence, should see the light off sooner or later two nets, at noon when the sun is strong on the cover. Cloudy days can not be covered all day, but before the rainstorm comes, we must cover the net in time.

Two, net width can be arbitrary cutting and splicing. The cutting method is to use the electric wire fever due to high fever after the cut, cut net can not be fused into road, loose. Splicing method is to use the nylon thread in a sewing machine or sewing by hand, do not use iron or aluminium wire bundle ligation, so as to avoid mechanical fracture, and influence the service life of the net.

Three, the surface coverage will cover directly on the ground or shade plants, usually at planting, after planting.

Four, small arch coverage will be covering in the arch arch shed on the film, suitable for shading and cooling, ventilation in summer and autumn or early spring night frost to use, can also be used in the rainy season rain or winter warming at night.

Five, support shed covered in the face of a shed to 0.5 ~ 1.8 meters flat or inclined, the net cover on the bracket, for shading and rain.

Six, the greenhouse covered with plastic covering and divided into single mesh coverage, combined with the omentum cover, shed around the coverage and greenhouse coverage. When the single net and the omentum are covered together, the two sides of the shed are about 1 meters away from the ground and are generally suspended and covered. Shed outside four weeks, mostly for early spring night heat preservation. The greenhouse cover, generally from 1 to 1.5 Mibugai.

Seven. The main purpose of covering in 1. growth stages is to maintain soil moisture and prevent soil compaction after rainstorm. Prevent insect and bird damage. The method usually covers the ground directly, but the net should be uncovered in time after seedling emergence so as to avoid the growth of seedlings. After planting 2. short covering, one is the summer after planting cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, lettuce and other coverage, up to date on the cover of night survival, exposing, can be directly covered in crops; another is in the evening of early spring planting eggplant, melons beans cover cover to prevent frost.

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