How do crops prevent pests?
Aug 24, 2018

In addition to pesticides and artificial catching insects, there is another way to be insect sex pheromones. Through sexual pheromones, the concentration of sex pheromones can be increased thousands of times in the farm, so that the males cannot find the females to mate, so naturally it is impossible to lay eggs and hatch larvae. Insect sex pheromones have been widely used in fruit cultivation abroad. The use of sex pheromones can reduce pesticide pollution (sex pheromones only need to suspend drug containers near crops without spraying, so they do not pollute crops), and can also reduce labor costs (domestic fruit trees often need to be sprayed every season) Pesticide 6~8 times, even more than 10 times, the labor cost is actually very high), the sex pheromone can be maintained for 3 months after hanging, so the fruit only needs to be operated twice a season. The need to pay attention to the use of sex pheromones is that they must be used on a large scale. Because the principle of the drug is for adults, if used in a small area, the adult will mate in other places and fly to your garden to lay eggs. In addition, each sex pheromone can only target specific pests. Because of the perennial application of pesticides and the variety of pests in the agricultural industry in the Mainland, it is difficult to control sex pheromones. It can still be used where the types of pests and diseases are relatively simple.

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