How do crops cope with low temperatures?
Aug 23, 2018

First of all, when the temperature is low, it means that the water in the field is not easy to evaporate. If the humidity is not large, although the long-term low temperature, the growth environment of the bacteria is not enough, the crop will not be sick, so we must keep abreast of the weather, do not pour more before the rain cools down. Water, even if it is dry, it should be “eat less and eat more”; secondly, carry out sterilization and disinfection work in advance, although the temperature is low, the humidity in the field is not easy to master, but as long as there are no germs in the environment, even the number of germs is small, the crops are also Will not get sick, the most important thing here is the rational use of fungicides, carbendazim, metalaxyl, azoxystrobin and prochloraz, can be used for soil disinfection, chlorothalonil, propidium zinc, pyraclostrobin, alkenyl Acylmorpholine and iprodione can be sprayed against plants. These agents are the most commonly used at low temperatures. As long as they are protected, the temperature is better, when the sun is sufficient, 2-3 days, crops It can grow up quickly, and then spray some growth regulators such as brassane, peptide amino acids and other fertilizers.

Thirdly, on the basis of not increasing the humidity in the field, it is possible to spray various kinds of trace element compound foliar fertilizers, increase the dry matter concentration of the plant cell liquid, and resist the low temperature (when the low temperature is illuminating, the rooting agent should not be rooted regularly, and there is no transpiration, It will cause the roots to have high humidity and promote root rot and root disease.

 Fourth, learn to make full use of the sun. We should take time to clean the greenhouse film, let more light enter, and collect some grass ash and sprinkle it in the field. (Grass ash not only can raise the ground temperature itself, the color of the ash after the damp is very dark, can absorb more sunlight energy); it can also pull the incandescent lamp to increase the light; the early spring nursery room of the cash crop, the nursery shed, prevent the low temperature, can increase the heating, Or agricultural underground electric blankets.


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