Guardrail Mesh Connection Accessories
Sep 26, 2017

Includes cylindrical cylinder, connecting bar and left and right hook plate. And the cylindrical column body, the connecting rib and the left and right hook board as one of the plate bending form, two sides of the plate has several notches to form the gap between the hook and board. Because of the hook plate on the side of the cylinder, the hook plate and the column body are formed by the cold bending rolling machine, the section of the column is the regular class half ellipse, moment shape or triangle shape, so the structure of the guardrail net connecting column is simple, the installation and use is convenient, the flexural strength of the column is increased. In addition: the hook plate of the guardrail net connecting column is curved to the inside of the fence, which is matched with the protruding of the straight side of the class half ellipse column, effectively preventing the pry of the tool, ensuring the safety of the guardrail, and forming the perfect streamline external type.

Fence mesh of several types: steel mesh fence, embossed guardrail, hook-Flower guardrail, welded wire mesh fence.

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