Flower and Grass
Aug 22, 2018

1, the choice of flowers and plants are particular. Indoor green plants try to pick round leaves, use less needles or thorns, which will help to purify and avoid the destruction of human feng shui. 

2, the decoration of flowers and plants has a doorway. Large stems and plants within the house, it is best to tie red (that is, use a red ribbon, a red satin ribbon to hit a knot on the stem), or you can use red pigment to red, in order to highlight the negative yin, Increase housing yang and enhance the owner's fortune. 

3, the configuration of flowers and plants have requirements. Generally speaking, the bedroom or the room with insufficient lighting is not suitable for placing flowers and trees, because it will only increase the yin in vain, which is not conducive to the health and luck of the owner. At the same time, the number of potted plants in the family should not be too much. The potted plants are mostly moist and yin, and the family is sick. 

4, the maintenance of flowers and plants have skills. Plant growth has metabolism. If you find that the flowers and leaves in your home have dead leaves and faded flowers, you should cut them off in time. If the flowers are about to die, you should use nutrient solution to rescue them. If the rescue is invalid, replace the pots with new ones to avoid the decaying atmosphere. Come to bad luck.


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