Covering vegetable cultivation technology
Dec 15, 2017

Net is the polyolefin resin as the main raw material, and adding anti-aging agent and pigments, by drawing woven with a lightweight, high strength, resistance to new type plastic mesh covering material aging. Covering cultivation, shading, temperature, moisture, anti rain, anti wind, anti freeze thaw tachycardia, necrosis, dehydration and other effects in anti pest bird. Covering cultivation and open cultivation compared to the average yield per mu, the output value per mu, Mu net income increased by 26%, 34%, 38%; each crop can be less pesticide spray one or two times, saving 16 - 32 yuan; cruciferous vegetable seedling, province 30%; seedling seedling rate was increased from 20% to 60%; compared with the traditional reed curtain covering 8 acres of labor per mu; year covering costs 450 yuan, saving 75%. Net 75% and 45% two shading rate, high shading rate is only suitable for flowers and vegetables on the shade, we generally use 45% net production of vegetables.


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