Birds are seriously endangered, how do orchards drive birds?
Aug 27, 2018

In the orchard, the birds feed on the fruit, which not only directly affects the yield and quality of the fruit, but also the large number of wounds of the loquat fruit is conducive to the propagation of the pathogens, making the disease prevalent; at the same time, the birds in the spring will also feed on the fruit trees and step on the twigs. Bad grafting grafts, etc., so it is necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent and control.

1.fruit bagging

Fruit bagging is the easiest way to prevent birds, and it also protects against fruits, insects, pesticides, and dust. When bagging, be sure to use a paper bag of good quality and toughness. Nylon mesh bags can be used for bagging in areas with more birds, which not only prevents bird damage, but also does not affect fruit coloring, but the cost is relatively high.

2.set up a bird net

The bird-proof net is suitable for both large-scale orchards and small-sized orchards. It is best to use yellow bird-proof nets in mountainous orchards and red bird-proof nets in plain orchards.

In areas where hail is frequent, the grid size should be adjusted to combine the flood control net with the bird net. However, the cost of bird-proof nets is relatively high, and the service life is short. The fruits must be collected after harvesting each year, which is relatively labor-intensive, and is easily aging and ruptured by sun exposure and wind and rain.


Plastic Bird Netting 


Width : 1m-12m
Length : according to customer's request
Colour : green  

Delivery:30 days after confirmed


1.Bird net, light and low cost, suitable for bird control and protection of fruit and vegetable crops in open field.

2.It is laid directly on the crops or on simple supports for protection from birds, small animals and rodents.

3. The finish is good, the mesh surface is smooth, the flat wire is parallel to the gap, neat and uniform, and the warp and weft are clear and bright.

4. The lines are solid and tidy, not messy

5. Moderately flexible, elastic, no hard feeling, not rough

6. No odor, strong and durable, long service life, high flame retardant

3. bird repeller repelling birds

In the past two years, some areas have begun to use intelligent voice bird repellers. According to reports, the intelligent voice bird repellent system can effectively and effectively achieve wide-area repelling of orchards, farmland and fish ponds. The maximum effective area is 3.3 hectares (50 mu), which has been successfully applied to cherries, alfalfa, grapes and pears. On apples, bayberry, millet and other crops, the effect of repelling birds is better.

4. bird repellent bird repellent

The main ingredient of the bird repellent is natural spice. After dilution, it sprays on the canopy, and the droplets adhere to the canopy. It can slowly and permanently release a scenting gas that affects the central nervous system of the bird. The bird will fly away after smelling. Drive away without harming birds.

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