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Anti-Insect Net

Pest Netting Vegetables

Pest Netting Vegetables

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-4m
Colour : white,green
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Pest Netting Vegetables


    Material : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-4m
Colour : white,green

    Weight:  customize


    1.Insect net has a light, insect net proper shading, ventilation and so on, to create favorable conditions for crop growth, to ensure that substantially reduced in the application of chemical pesticides .

    2.The quality of crops,for the development of green agricultural products the production of non pollution technology provides a powerful guarantee.


    1.Insect net also has to withstand a storm, rain erosion and hail and other natural disasters.

    2.Insect nets are widely used in vegetables, such as rape seed production and multiplication for isolation Pollen introduction, potato, flower, etc. after tissue culture, virus-free, hood and pollution-free vegetables, etc., can also be applied to tobacco seedlings for pest control, disease prevention and so on.

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