White Agro Shade Net

White Agro Shade Net

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-12m
Supply capacity:50 tons per month

Product Details

White Agro Shade Net


    Material : PE,UV treated

    Width : 1m-12m

    Supply capacity:50 tons per month



1. Shading nets are widely used for shading, cooling, moisturizing, etc. in cultivation industries such as vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, and edible fungi

2. Corrosion resistance, light weight, long life, non-toxic and tasteless, good transparency.

3. The humidity generally rises 5-10% by shade net. After covering the sunshade net, due to the cooling and windproof effect, the exchange speed of the air in the coverage area and the outside air is reduced, and the relative humidity of the air is obviously increased. 

4. Widely used in shading, agricultural vegetable cultivation, flower planting, and various breeding industries.



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