Green Net for Plants

Green Net for Plants

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-12m

Product Details

Green Net for Plants


      Material : PE,UV treated

      Width : 1m-12m


      Delivery:30 days after confirmed


      1.In the growth of crop by covering net, especially in the stage of seedling cultivation,we can improve the environment of crop growth, reduce pest damage, improve crop yield and quality, not only for the summer, but also for winter.

      2.Net manufacturers are aware that in the summer shade covering cultivation can effectively resist heat and rain.

      3.In fact, it can also be used for anti frost in summer, to prevent frost in late autumn.


      1.According to testing, in early spring some vegetables can be cultivated 10 - 15 days earlier than normal.

      2.In late autumn vegetable cultivation can be delayed about 15 - 20 days.

      3.In low winter temperatures, encountering severe frost, shade net can delay the occurrence of freezing and thawing process, reduce the damage to crops.

1m to 12m shade net farming.jpg


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