Fruit Cover Mesh

Fruit Cover Mesh

Colour : green
Materal : PE,UV treated
Year Warranty: 3 years

Product Details

Fruit Cover Mesh 

Parameters of Fruit Cover Mesh 

Colour : green

Materal : PE,UV treated

Year Warranty:  3 years

Width : 1m-12m


Advantages of Fruit Cover Mesh 

1.Harvesting Net is ideal for collecting naturally fallen fruit,such as hazelnuts,chestnuts plums and olive.

2.The sheets or rolls are laid out underneath the trees,where they remain until the harvest has been completed.

3.Also it can be used in sheets that are placed beneath trees during mechanical harvesting.

Features of Fruit Cover Mesh 

1.It is a very strong,heaving netting.

2.It is described as"prickle-proof"because the weft reduces the possibility of scratching or catching on brambles and rough ground.

Agricultural Olive Collection shade net.jpg


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