Safety Net Installation Matters

- Sep 26, 2017 -

1. Every root rope on the safety net should be tied to the bracket, around Bing (edge) should be tied with the bracket, the knot should be in line with the knot convenient, reliable connection and easy to untie, the work force will not loose after the principle of the safety nets with tendons should be installed when the rope connected to the bracket.

2, flat network surface should not be stretched too tight, when the net surface and the work height is greater than 5m, its stretched length should be greater than 4m, when the net surface and the operating surface height difference is less than 5m, its extended length should be greater than 3m, the flat net and the bottom surface of the minimum distance should not be less than 3m, the two-layer network spacing

3, the vertical network should be perpendicular to the horizontal, and the maximum gap between the edge of the operating surface does not exceed 10cm.

4, after the installation of the safety net should be subject to inspection, before use.

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