Plug And Pull Fence

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Plug-and-pull fence is a highway steel guardrail, the structure of the original guardrail column is divided into the upper and lower parts, the upper column of the lower end of the steel pipe set in the upper end of the column, there is a bolt across it, the upper and lower column pipe connected together. It is strengthened by the lower column, that is, the use of casing or other technology to prevent the lower part of the guardrail column deformation, while the partial weakening of the upper column or all the weakening to control the deformation position of the guardrail column, so that although the arm decreases, but the cross-section bending modulus is also reduced, so as to ensure that the level of anti-collision is not The guardrail is easy to be constructed, can be easily replaced after the collision of vehicles, and is not only applicable to the soil road shoulder, retaining wall and bridge positions, but also for various forms of steel guardrail.

This product has the beautiful durable, does not deform, installs fast, is one kind of ideal metal guardrail product. Scope of use: Mainly used in park/Zoo fencing, Campus/field perimeter, road traffic isolation, temporary belt

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