Garden Pest Netting

Garden Pest Netting

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-4m
Weight: customize

Product Details

Garden Pest Netting

Parameters of Garden Pest Netting

Materal : PE,UV treated
Width : 1m-4m

Weight:  customize

Delivery:30 days after confirmed

Advantages of Garden Pest Netting

1.You need choose the right specifications.

2.The specifications of insect net mainly include net width, hole diameter, wire diameter, color etc..

3.Especially the aperture, density of insect shading net, in general, mesh count is measured by counting the number of threads per inch or per centimeter.


Features of Garden Pest Netting

1.We recommend 24 mesh to 30 mesh.

2.Wire (wire) diameter 14 to 18 mm, ranging from 1 to 1.8 meters,is mainly  white color.

3.Crop must be covered with net in full growth period.

6x6 insect screen.jpg


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